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I’m super excited to announce my new solo project, "Dovas"

The debut record is titled “Everlasting Lake of Fire” and will be released May 8th, 2020.

For this record I wrote all the music and recorded Drums, Guitars, and all Vocals. My brother Peter Albert de Reyna who plays in

Seven Spires with me recorded bass. I was also fortunate enough to have guest solos from Ryan Beevers and Caio Kehyayan in some songs.

Pre-Orders will be available at soon!



Commandments of the Damned

Satan’s Command

Nailed to a Cross

Left Hand Path

Depths of Hell

Human Sacrifice

Sentenced to Death

Everlasting Lake of Fire


Chris Dovas - Drums, Guitar, Vocals

Peter de Reyna - Bass


Mixed/Mastered by Jack Kosto

Produced by Jack Kosto

Artwork by

Junki Sakuraba

Seven Spires - The first video & single from our new album, "Emerald Seas". Please enjoy 'Succumb' and let us know what you think! Frontiers Music srl will release the new album on February 14, 2020. 



Seven Spires tour 2020,  Aug 20th - Oct 2nd with Amaranthe and Battle Beast 

Seven Spires Tour.jpg

Seven Spires announce their 2nd full length album titled "Emerald Seas"

(Release Date: February 14th, 2020)


Seven Spires USA tour 2020 with, Insomnium, and Omnium Gatherum

Seven Spires Tour.jpg

Vital Remains USA 2019 Tour

US Tour Dates - Vital.jpg
Vital Remains European Tour 2019 with, I Am Morbid, Atrocity, and Sadist.
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Seven Spires signs a Multi Record Deal with Frontiers Music SRL

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Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the signing of American metal quartet Seven Spires for a multi-album deal.

Seven Spires is an American metal band from Boston, specialising in melancholic tales and tenebrous grandeur. Part bittersweet melodic metal anthems, part apocalyptic melodic death and black metal, and part romantic classical poets, they are storytellers who draw from across the traditional spectrum of metal and beyond to weave tragedies of demons, death, love, and the peculiarities of the human condition.

Following a highly successful crowdfunding campaign and the release of their debut album “Solveig", Seven Spires performed live extensively in the U.S., Canada, and at festivals such as MetalDays, 70000tons of Metal, and ProgPower USA. They are in the final production stages of their second full length record, which will once again be mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Kamelot, Epica, etc), and will be released later in 2019.

Singer Adrienne Cowan says, “We've been searching for a label partner who not only believed honestly in our vision, but could also support us in the ways that we needed. Frontiers is exactly that, and we are thrilled to be on board with them! They have been nothing but helpful and respectful regarding our moves for our next album, and you can expect a release that is highly emotional, dark, and theatrical. The future is shining emerald green, and we elatedly anticipate the next chapter in our voyage. Lastly, we extend our endless thanks to our Seventh Brigade and everyone who has supported us in our endeavours since our creation in '13. We could not have made it here without you.”

In related news, Adrienne was recently chosen by Sascha Paeth to front his new band, Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony and she was handpicked by none other than Tobias Sammet to perform with Avantasiaon their upcoming tour, which starts this March.

The band also kicks off a U.S. tour next week. See all dates below.

Seven Spires continue the Frontiers' tradition of identifying and signing the most promising talents to ensure that the future of hard rock and metal music is in good hands. #NewBreed #RockAintDead


Adrienne Cowan - Vocals + Orchestrations
Jack Kosto - Guitar 
Peter Albert de Reyna - Bass 
Chris Dovas - Drums

Seven Spires Announces "Masquerade of Souls Tour" with AfterTime - 2019

Tour Dates 2.jpg
ForceFest Picture - September 7th, 2018
Vital Mexico.jpg
Chris Dovas plays ForceFest with Vital Remains on October 6th-7th 2018
Chris plays on Vital Remains' 2018 Asia tour.
Asia Tour Pic.jpg
Chris Dovas Asia Tour Pic.jpg

Chris Dovas joins world renowned Death Metal band, Vital Remains - July -2018

Unflesh - New Album Savior, released May 25th, 2018.
Pre-Order your copy now:
Track list: 
1. Savior
2. Bestowal of Decay
3. Final Writhe
4. Erosive Devotees
5. Eradication Commenced
6. Caliginous
7. Desecration of Light
8. Disintegration God
Mixed/Mastered by Anthony Lusk-Simone and recorded at Zenbeast Audio
Artwork by Junki Sakuraba
Guitarist/Songwriter, Ryan Beevers says:
“I’ve always thought of the band as having a kind of mixed sound of 90’s black metal and more technical death metal bands. Since the band started I just called us “Extreme Metal” because it’s a broader label. I never thought the sound of the band would be described as just black metal or death metal. When the first EP “Transcendence to Eternal Obscurity” came out, most people seemed to identify the sound as technical death metal. This album is one more step forward in molding the sound of Unflesh, musically and lyrically the "Savior" album is a lot darker and more aggressive than our previous EP.” 
Tour announcement with Hatestorm Annhilation - 2018
Seven Spires Tour Flyer.jpg
We are happy to announce we will be touring with our good friends in Hatestorm Annihilation on The Cabaret of Flames Tour!
Seven Spires plays 70,000 tons of Metal Cruise,
February 1st -5th, 2018
This February, we take to the high seas!!! We're thrilled and honored to be aboard 2018's, 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise Feb 1-5!
ProgPower USA - September 9th, 2017

Surprise!  We were asked to play this Saturday at ProgPower USA!  

Catch us at 2-3pm at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA on 9 September alongside Dynazty, Snowy Shaw, Pain, Amaranthe, and Katatonia!

July 25th 2017 Metal Days in Tolmin Slovenia (Europe)

If you're at MetalDays this year, come find us on Tusday, July 25th. We are headlining the New Forces stage!

Metal Underground Premieres Video for "The Paradox"

"Guitarist Jack Kosto commented: "The Paradox' is definitely one of the heavier songs on 'Solveig,' and it really showcases Adrienne’s ability to seamlessly blend super brutal extreme vocal techniques with her signature power metal belting. The instrumental parts are more technical here and very black metal-influenced, and the orchestra is just as massive and intense, making it a blast for us to perform live as well!' 


Adrienne Cowan added: 'At this point in the story, we learn some of the Demon’s rather unfortunate past, as well as some weary and profound bitterness harbored towards her prison, the decadent Underworld that she rules.'" 

Many thanks to our friends at EmVision for their work once again! 

Pre-order your digital copy of "Solveig" and receive "The Cabaret of Dreams" and "The Paradox" for immediate download! via iTunes and