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Chris Dovas is a Boston based studio and touring Metal drummer that is competent in a vast range of musical genres and styles. Being influenced by many genres of music has made him a very technical and emotional player. Chris has enough energy to power various audiences as his performance is ignited by his soulful touch of the instrument, and his passion.

Chris is currently an active member of Testament and DOVAS.


Previous full time bands: Seven Spires, Vital Remains, and Unflesh

Participating in these projects has allowed Chris to showcase his technical skills in various genres of Metal music. The blend of music styles that Chris performs also allowed him to develop his own unique sound, feel, and playing style that has been acknowledged by fellow musicians and fans around the world.

Chris goes through his performances with a passion and emotion that allows him to create close bonds with a developing fan base that is spreading across the world. Chris drives the audiences to a sweat-crazed experience where both, the audience and Chris himself, can feel at home.

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