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Chris Dovas' educational book called "12 Week Double Bass Bootcamp" is certain to take your double bass playing to the next level.

This book includes: 12 weeks of intense workouts, and detailed explanations for improving your double bass drumming. Click tracks are also included for all the exercises. If you follow the instructions and work through the book exactly as written I have no doubts that you will improve your double bass playing no matter what skill level you are.
I also found that the beta testers who took weekly Skype/in person lessons with me to work through the book made faster improvements due to the fact that I was able to personally help correct, and tackle specific issues as well as checking in weekly to give the proper constuctive criticism needed to make proper and consistent improvements.

This book has been beta tested by 3 awesome drummers. Here’s what they had to say about it.

"I enjoyed running Chris' first book as it helped me refine my double bass skills. It is evident that this book was made with extreme care and I can see a lot of aspiring metal drummers using this to help better develop their skills."
-James Knoerl (Brand of Sacrifice, Aviations, & Gargoyl)

"My goal in enrolling into Dovas’s double bass bootcamp was to focus primarily on precision, accuracy, and building up endurance. After 12 intense weeks of non-stop shedding, and utilizing various exercises with their own individual purpose, I can happily say that I’ve been able to gain greater control of my double kick technique, and more importantly, smoother execution. I found that using Skype lessons for this purpose was very user-friendly. Dovas’s teaching methods are very motivating. He’s very attentive and provides the appropriate amount of constructive criticism. I’m sure that other drummers will find this to be a very valuable experience."
-Christian Koomey (Berklee College of Music Student)

"My goal going into the double bass boot camp was to be able to play sixteenth notes consistently at 220 bpm. While I have yet to achieve this, I was able to achieve a new maximum speed of 215 bpm for which I am now capable of doing 16 bars of consistent 16th notes. This program definitely helped me address weaknesses in my double bass playing that I did not even know existed, such as my tendency to leave the beaters in the bass drum head instead of letting them bounce back. Additionally, the pacing allowed me to consistently reference back to previous weeks and apply those skills to the more advanced exercises in the later weeks. Specifically, I found the week in which we utilized ankle weights to be super useful in building up my hip flexor muscles for endurance exercises and playing mid-range tempos around 150 bpm for extended periods of time. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their double bass skills, regardless of whether they are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player!"
-Joesph McNamara (Berklee College of Music Student)

12 Week Double Bass Bootcamp - Chris Dovas

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